About Us

We are always working and improving for the best

Neutron has become a brand capable of producing many electronic hardware and software by adding new ones to its technology journey that it started with security systems.

Neutron, which always brings innovations to its users with its self-updating structure, delivers its products to nearly 80 countries, especially its homeland Turkey, through its dealer network and electronic commerce structure.

Neutron is the first brand in Turkey to make and manage its own mobile application. It offers completely free service with its mobile applications reaching 10 million users.

Neutron, which has accomplished great things in the field of security systems, in public and private areas, banks, airports, business centers, industrial sites and many other areas, maintains the same success in smart life products. With the NEUTRONLIFE mobile application and roof software, it produces nearly 50 thousand smart products and offers them to use from its own mobile application.

In addition to these, Neutron, which broke new ground in Turkey in the field of Robotics, is the first product of its investments in artificial intelligence, with Service and companion robots, in restaurants, hospitals, factories, etc. in areas such as


50+ Number of Employees
500K+ Annual Production Capacity
1000+ Customer Network
10M+ Delivered Item
5M+ Happy Customers