Smart Water Purifier

* Beneficial for nature and filters with approximately 6 times less wastewater

* It purifies your water from microorganisms and chemicals with Reverse Osmosis technology.

* It allows you to access healthy and delicious water at any time that is not exposed to light, heat and air.

* There is no water tank. That's why your water doesn't wait and is always fresh.

* There is no need for service for filter replacement. You can change it yourself in seconds.

* Follow the status of your filters via mobile application and device.

* 4 healthy water storage systems, 2 filters:

* 1. Sediment (PP): Filter large sediments such as rust, rocks, soil, sand and various organic matter.

* 2. Carbon Block : Filter small sediment, absorb odor, color, taste, chlorine.

* 3. RO Membrane 600 GPD : Filters out 0.0001 micron contaminated water and heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium.

* 4. Post Carbon : absorb odor, color, chlorine Helps to improve the taste of water before drinking.