Smart Bulb Lite Smart Led Bulb 1050 Lumen, 11W

* Wi-Fi Connection: The bulb can be controlled via smartphone or other mobile devices by connecting to your Wi-Fi network.

* Remote Control: You can remotely turn the bulb on and off and change color, temperature and brightness settings via the smartphone application.

* Energy Saving: It helps you keep your electricity bill low by saving energy thanks to LED technology.

* Color Changing: The color of the bulb can be changed thanks to RGB technology and different colors and scenes can be created.

* Programming and Scheduling: You can program the device via the smartphone application. Thanks to the timing feature, the bulb can be turned on and off automatically whenever you want.

* Security and Privacy: The bulb keeps the Wi-Fi connection secure by using the WPA/WPA2 protocol, which is an important feature for security and privacy.