Neutron Smart Air Fryer Pro Smart Fryer XXL 7.3 L

* Remote Control: This innovative device, which allows you to control your fryer via your smartphone, does not require you to be in the kitchen even when you are on the go. You can control your meals from your work desk or living room and achieve ideal results.

* Customized Recipes: You can access thousands of customized recipes and cooking instructions through your air fryer's app. You can choose the recipes you like and enjoy delicious meals.

* Time and Energy Saving: Thanks to the programming feature on your phone, you can start your fryer at a certain time and set the end time. This way, your meals will be waiting for you when they are ready. At the same time, it will save energy and have a positive impact on your bill.

* Smart Notifications: Paired with your air fryer, the app lets you track the cooking process step by step. You can achieve perfect results by receiving instant notifications about temperature settings, cooking time and other important information.

* Now it's time to take full control of your kitchen experience and enjoy delicious meals with our phone-connectable fryer. Unleash your creativity and cook your favorite flavors the smart way!