Neutron Mini Rechargeable In-Car Hand Vacuum Cleaner

* Portable and Stylish Design: Neutron Mini's stylish design allows you to easily carry your vacuum cleaner anywhere. Thanks to its compact dimensions, you can easily reach every corner of your vehicle.

* Strong Suction Power: Despite its small size, Neutron Mini instantly absorbs dust and dirt with its powerful suction power. It helps you easily clean all kinds of dirt inside your vehicle.

* Rechargeable and Long-Lasting Battery: Neutron Mini's rechargeable battery feature saves you from being tied to sockets. Thanks to the long-lasting battery, your vacuum cleaner is always ready.

* Various Tips and Accessories: A variety of tips and accessories turn the Neutron Mini into a versatile cleaning tool. Between seats, air intakes and other difficult spots are no longer difficult to clean!

* Fast and Effective Cleaning: Neutron Mini is designed for fast and effective cleaning. It helps you use your time more efficiently, so you can always keep the interior of your vehicle spotless.

* 2L Transparent Dust container, Easy to clean, Long charging life, 5kPa suction power, 50 W High power, Washable filter