Automatic Smart Liquid Soap Dispenser with Neutron Sensor

* Technological Innovation: Neutron Sensor Soap Dispenser offers the user a smooth and controlled experience thanks to its sensitive induction technology.

* Perfect Hygiene and Easy to Use: Contactless operation feature ensures perfect hygiene of the Neutron Sensor Soap Dispenser. You can get your soap by simply moving it, without touching it with your hands. This feature maximizes hygiene standards in shared areas among family members.

* Large Capacity and Rechargeable Design: Neutron Sensor Soap Dispenser has a large capacity of 350ml, which offers long-term use without the need for frequent charging or refilling. Rechargeable 1200mAh can be charged quickly and practically via USB Type-C port.

* Adjustable Soap Dosage: Neutron Sensor Soap Dispenser, which has three different level settings, allows users to choose the dosage that suits their needs. The small (0.6g) tier is perfect for kids, the medium (1g) tier is perfect for adults, and the large (1.8g) tier is perfect for the whole family.

* Working Time: The standby time of the rechargeable soap pump/alcohol spray under normal use exceeds 3 months and can deliver more than 4000 sprays. Product Size: 350 ml bottle capacity. Product Material: ABS, PET, Silicone Gel. Battery Status: One set 3.7V/1200mAh 18650 rechargeable batteries.