Air Purifier H13 Hepa Filter Smart Air Purifier

* High performance, suitable for rooms up to 520 M3, cleans every corner perfectly.

* Effective 360° Air analysis feature, continuous cleaning, purify 99.97% of dirty air.
Air quality and PM2.5 uptime can be monitored in real time.

* NEUTRON H13 Air Purifier Energy-saving cleaning, effective protection. Breathe fresh air every moment. Purify your entire house with just one click. * Bacteria, * Dust, * Room scent, * TVOC harmful gas, * Pollen, * Pet Hair, * Cigarette smoke

* 360° air flow, all-round powerful cleaning * Breathe healthily, * Low power consumption, * High efficiency conversion, * Long life, * Sleep peacefully with low noise

* Dust and pollen filtering * HEPA + formaldehyde removal frame, * Modified activated carbon,            * Three-in-one circular filter screen

* Deodorization * Deep purification and cleaning to remove odor. * Air inlet from four sides Continuous purification, * 360° circular design, air inlet from four sides, circulation filter, enjoy clean air, protect your health

* You can control your device at any time via the NeutronLife application. Easily Install Neutron H13 Air Purifier in Just 3 Steps; * Download Neutronlife Mobile App, * Sign Up, * Pair via Bluetooth from the Add Device section, * You Can Control Neutron Air Purifier Via Application