Air Purifier H11 Hepa Filter Smart Air Purifier

* High performance, suitable for rooms up to 280 M3, cleans every corner perfectly.

* Effective 360° Air analysis feature, continuous cleaning, purify 99.97% of dirty air.
Air quality and PM2.5 uptime can be monitored in real time.

* When the weather is not good, medium and turbo coverage can be started to purify quickly.
Wind Speed: 1-2-3-sleep-1-2-3-rpm

* In sleep mode, sounds like breathing indicate a leak
Smart sleep + timer module

* Multifunction touch panel
360 degree circular design, air intake from all directions, circulation filtration
Hepa filter is a new type of air purification material.
Hepa filter can filter larger than 0.3 microns
It has environmentally friendly pp additives.