Turkish professor Canan Dağdeviren develops an electronic bra that detects breast cancer


Developed by Turkish professor Canan Dağdeviren, the electronic bra helps detect breast cancer at home.

World-renowned Turkish scientist Canan Dağdeviren has developed an electronic bra that diagnoses breast cancer. The produced electronic bra can detect cancerous tissues with its ultrasonic sensors and thus it can be scanned daily. In this way, it is estimated that cases that may be missed with periodic screening can be caught.

The device, which looks like a patch through magnets and consists of holes, allows the breast tissue to be examined from different angles; It helps to obtain real-time data.

The device, which is designed to be used at home and worn directly on the chest, can make direct contact with the skin thanks to the holes. The device, which can be worn in six different positions, can take ultrasound of the entire breast. Let's underline that no medical experience is required for this application.

The researchers tested the device with a 71-year-old female subject who had breast cysts. As a result of the tests performed, cysts with a diameter of 0.3 cm were detected with the device. The device has a resolution comparable to conventional ultrasound. It has been revealed that the breast tissue can be visualized up to a depth of 8 cm.

Wenya Du, Lin Zhang, Emma Suh and Dabin Lin accompanied Dağdeviren, who developed the idea when her 49-year-old aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer. Dağdeviren, who works at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), is also known as the inventor of the wearable pacemaker.

Breast cancer is a type of cancer with a 93 percent survival rate when detected early. There is also a remarkable initiative working in this field in Turkey. Founded by Alara Akçasız and Zeynep Akçasız to facilitate the early diagnosis of breast cancer, Triwi comes out as a bra that performs the right breast examination at the right time and communicates via phone with a usage time of only 5 minutes a month. The smart bra starts to bulge towards the bust first. He applies pressure to every part of the chest. The reaction to the pressure is transmitted to the smartphone by the circuits inside the bra. According to the data, is there a new mass, the change of the existing mass compared to the previous examination can be seen.

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Turkish professor Canan Dağdeviren develops an electronic bra that detects breast cancer