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Privacy protection

Neutron NMSS fully respect your privacy, and spare no effort to protect your personal information. Under normal circumstances, the application of NMSS APP you do not need to provide any personal information certificate and certificate number, date of birth, country, e-mail, telephone, contact address and zip code, hope to provide a service or preference information and other such personal information, then you have to understand and accept the use of your personal information, for the specific purpose of agreed to Neutron NMSS  realize the use of your personal information. At the same time, in order to technology and service operation and improvement of Neutron NMSS, Neutron would probably non personal privacy information collect, use or provide the user to third parties, which will contribute to the Neutron NMSS to provide a better user experience and service quality to users.

Neutron NMSS commitment at any time and in any circumstances will not sell your personal information, the range of Neutron NMSS will only users get permitted by law or clear  you can use Neutron. For a specific purpose, if you provide the required registration or subscription electronic information name, to the voluntary gender type of

within the authorized use according to the terms to obtain information. But Neutron NMSS has reason to believe that it is necessary to do so to protect the Neutron NMSS, customers or the public may also open some personal information in the scope as small as possible, provide personal information should occur have been foreseen and agreed that the situation in your.